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I’m Chris Atherton. I’m a user experience specialist. You can find my business website here. When I was writing this blog, I was a senior lecturer in psychology, but now I do this web thing for a living, and I’m still figuring out where writing fits in. Maybe one day I will come back here and post some more. I still want to write something about choosing to be a student, and what that means these days. (I still miss my students, by the way.)

Lastly: all opinions expressed here are copyright Chris Atherton 2008-2013, and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of WordPress or my current or past employers. But you probably knew that. (Click here for a really great disclaimer I wish I’d written.)

11 responses to “About

  1. Hi Chris
    More characters here than Twitter! Would love to meet up. Tuttle Club looks very interesting. I have a meeting pencilled in that day so not sure yet if I can work round that but will let you know asap!

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  5. Your post on Twitter peeked my curiosity & I had to come take a look for myself. Glad I did…:) Nice to know a little more about you Chris, looking forward to knowing more.

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  9. Hi, I just read your post “Getting out alive” — very interesting story you have. Please write about ‘choosing to be a student’ some time. I’m a student myself, about to start a master-degree in Drug Innovation. I’m looking forward to reading about your thoughts on being a student!

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